“Will you be able to kill me…my brother? You’re only possessed half of my power. I’m afraid, I’ll be the first to bid you farewell and see you in hell!”

Blood Brothers/Demons Inside You


Dear Full Moon, I’m Howling To You

It was the time of the month again. Deep in the jungle, there were a pack of wolves, running together, aiming for one and the same thing to all of them; a prey. A food for dinner. They were picking on each other in order to hunt it down. Suddenly…


The bigger-size wolf that led the pack was stopped and growling at something. The rest of the wolves seemed startled and began to howl.


They were howling one after another. Up in the sky, the moon was full and its soft light pouring upon the earth. In the middle of the noise, suddenly one of the wolves was fell apart. Blood spilt over the ground it collapsed and squirted on the face of an average-size wolf stood nearby.

The atmosphere began to dense and the strong pressure in the air can be felt. One by one, the wolves hit the ground in blood. The last wolf, the one that was shocked by blood of its fellow wolf, ran away from the place to save its life. On its way to escape to the mountain, something heavy was suddenly hit its head. It was so painful and the wolf could not hold any longer. It started to lose its consciousness…and the world turned into the darkness…

In a concrete cell, a young man sat quietly below the window installed with a safety grill. The full moon can be seen from his seat and he looked up to the moon with a deep stare. He sighed. His right palm was slowly rubbing his gray, scruffy long hair.

‘How long I’ve been in this cell?’

“Mister. Someone is going to fetch you up so be prepared. You’ll be free soon”.

He startled by the news he received from the officer. Someone? Did I hear it right? He turned his head and staring at the officer.

“Someone? Who?”

“He’s introduced himself as Aslan. He said he knew you well”


He started to recall every detail and name of the people he had met before and was hoping to find one, but to no avail. Aslan? Who is the man?

As he contemplated the unexpected event, he caught two men on conversation outside his cell.

“Here he is sir. You can fetch him now”

The officer led a man to his cell.

“Thank you”, and he bowed to the officer politely. The officer salutes him in return.

The man, Aslan, with a graceful motion, slowly approached the cell.

“You’re now a free man. Come with me. I need your assistance”

Without a question, he followed the man although he still could not comprehend the motive behind his release, the appearance of the man and the assistance he meant. Aslan never explained anything so far. He just walked ahead without saying anything. Once they were outside the building, Aslan stopped moving.

“Does the full moon remind you of something…Azul?”

He looked up to the sky serenely. Full moon. Yes, it was full moon. Azul, the now free-man, was also staring at the same thing. The past suddenly knocked his memory up. That one bloody night…family, friends, relatives, neighbors…the massacre…the blood…


Azul was suddenly shrieked out. Aslan watched Azul silently without any sign of startled by the Azul’s shriek. He was a very calm person.

Azul, on the other hand, was started to howl with his face gazing up the sky. His rage led to the reveals of his true identity; he was a werewolf.


‘What a sad young man. You’ll have your revenge soon, don’t worry’

Aslan put on his hat and smiled evilly.

‘Evil angels have fallen on earth’


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Against The World

The night breeze whistled soothingly and calmly. The weather was perfect with the full moon appeared in the sky, made it so refreshing and relaxing to everyone but a person. Somewhere on the beach, he has stood there tirelessly for an hour with his eyes kept gazing on the sea. He seemed pondering on something.

‘You lied to him!’.
‘Why do you want to wage a war with them??’
‘Despicable man! You’re a great liar!’

‘ Ah, pity young lady. What a timid personality. I’m so sorry for your broken trust’.

He smiled. A wicked smile.

“I’m here, my lord. I’m ready to bring off your orders”.

A man in a black suit with black, shoulder-length hair suddenly appeared and bowed to him in a way that the common people bow to their king.

“You’re arrived in time, Aslan. Good job”.

He turned around and approaching the man named Aslan. Just as he’s a meter away from Aslan, he stopped and stares at the man. Aslan bowed again in such a humble manner.

“What task do you want me to carry out, my lord?”

Upon hearing the question, he grinned widely.

“I’m glad to hear that. Aslan, as you’re just second to my position, I believe you have a credibility to lead and execute my orders. You’re my most trusted man. Now, you have to listen carefully to what I’m going to tell you”.

Aslan fell silent. He stood at ease and waiting for the orders to be given to him. His eyes were all darted to his lord.

“Hunt down Ilham and Balqis and kill them as they’re getting in our way. Whoever out there are trying to destroy our plan, show no mercy at all. That will be your first task”.

Aslan still quiet without saying anything.

“Your next task is to locate the AT-3X and find out its activation code. Together we’ll burn this world down and create the new one. This world, is no longer has a meaning”, he said with his grinning face staring up the night sky.

An evil smile slowly appeared on Aslan’s face.

‘Yes, my lord. The world now is too tired to handle all the burdens’

“As you wish, my lord. Leave the tasks to me”.

Aslan bowed and took his leave to start off his tasks.

“Do not disappoint me Aslan, do not disappoint me”.

Without looking at Aslan, he warned the man to not disappoint his expectation and plan.

Aslan stopped and turned around, facing him.

“I swear to not disappoint you, my lord. You and I have the same goal. If I fail you, I fail myself as well”

Aslan then disappeared through the darkness of the night. He smiled even widely.

“When the right time comes, you’ll be no longer of any use to me, Aslan”.

He left the beach and walk towards his car. His chauffeur has already waiting him inside the vehicle.

“Where will we be heading to, Mr Idham?”


And the night passed with a secret devilish plan implanted within it.

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Against The Will

‘They’re nothing but inferior creatures!’
‘They don’t deserve to live!’
‘Why should we coexist with them?!’

“You’re awake, Ilham”

Idham, the elder brother of Ilham, the first “lab-rat”, as well as the first-in-command of the Layl troop, interrupted Ilham.

“What do you want??”

With a fierce glance full of hatred, he saw Idham with a rage feeling deep inside him. His hands…were shaken and slowly folded them to form the fists. A flow of anger can be seen through his expression.

“You’re headstrong brother. Give it up now”, advised Idham.

Idham was relatively calm compared to Ilham, a hot-headed young man. He stood still outside Ilham’s all-glass confined room with his hands inside his gray, long jacket’s pockets, observing Ilham with his witty eyes.

“Why are you defending them that much?? You’re no longer a mere human as I am, as those tens! Idham, have you not understand, we are labelled as monters and despised by the humankind!!”

With a great furious, Ilham flipped the table with all his might, run towards Idham and struck, only to end up punching the glass that bounded up between him and Idham. His heart pounded up and down in an uncontrollable madness.

“Half of humankind despised us, leave the rest, Ilham. You have not met those who are generous to everyone yet. You put up a rash judgment upon the whole human race while you don’t have a single knowledge of every heart. I have to remind you, we’re all from the same race even if we’re no longer part of them”

Idham turned around, walking away from the room and heading towards the exit door.

“Be a considerable man, Ilham. Think again of what you’re trying to do. Otherwise, you’ll be doomed for the rest of your life”, urged Idham without stopping his steps and looking at Ilham.

Ilham lost his words. His eyes were trailing off Idham until the man disappeared behind the door. Ilham suddenly fell on his knees with his head lifted upward, staring the ceiling.

‘Why…is this thing happened to me??’


With that scream, Ilham’s consciousness faded away. Lying on the floor of his confined room, he was dreaming of his past that he will never forget for the rest of his life…he, who used to be a commander with the rank of captain in his squad, was no longer living as a normal human. After that incident, he and the other eleven men were becoming the test subjects of Achilles particles, one of the latest inventions in nanotechnology. He was mad at the tragedy but nothing he could do to stop it…


ps: this is my first time to write such thing

Inspired by ‘Trinity Blood’

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Individual Interpretation of An Excerpt From The Bhagavad-Gita

“You grieve for those beyond grief, and you speak works of insight; but learned men do not grieve for the dead or the living. Never have I not existed, nor you, nor these kings; and never in the future shall we cease to exist. Just as the embodied self enters childhood, youth, and old age, so does it enter another body; this does not confound a steadfast man. Our bodies are known to end, but the embodied self is enduring, indestructible, and immeasurable; therefore, Arjuna, fight the battle! He who thinks this self a killer and he who thinks it killed, both fail to understand; it does not kill, nor is it killed. It is not born, it does not die; having been, it will never not be; unborn, enduring, constant, and primordial, it is not killed when the body is killed. Arjuna, when a man knows the self to be indestructible, enduring, unborn, unchanging, how does he kill or cause anyone to kill? Death is certain for anyone born, and birth is certain for the dead; since the cycle is inevitable, you have no cause to grieve! Be intent on action, not on the fruits of action; avoid attraction to the fruits and attachment to inaction! Perform actions, firm in discipline, relinquishing attachment; be impartial to failure and success – this equanimity is called discipline”

First, Arjuna is in depressed when he saw some of his men and family members are turning into the opponent side. He’s almost lost when Krishna advised him such in the text above. In the time of desperation and depression, Krishna tried to remind him that as a warrior, killing is unavoidable even if the opponents are dear to his heart. To comfort Arjuna, Krishna is also reminded him that even if the opponents are killed, his soul will always be alive and that the dead will soon be reborn again. And Arjuna should think thoroughly the consequences of his action if he’s reluctant to kill them since he, as a warrior, should not hesitate to banish the enemies in order to bring back the peace even if it costs the lives of his love ones, and I believe, this is why Krishna stressed on action rather than the fruit of such an action. In the war time, the personal and feeling matters should be put aside because they can interrupt the morale of a warrior.

This excerpt from Bhagavad-Gita may sounds cold but yet it has its realistic part; when our lives are in danger, why would we have a pity for our enemies, even if they’re our siblings? If they intend to make a chaos and destroy the world, why would we have to defend their action, even if they’re our best friends? Sometimes we have to think of those who will suffer from such negative action rather than thinking of our relation with the ones who destroy everything. Harsh action is needed when the situation is forcing us to use it. Overall, I don’t really regard Krishna’s advice as a cold one but he’s on the right track; it may saves many people’s lives including Arjuna’s.

I cannot think much of how will the Hindus take comfort from this but in the small points, this may drives them to be more concentrate on their duties to their gods which, I think, will make them more devout to their religion. This excerpt taught people to hold the morality in the highest place above the personal matters, of which, those personal matters can be regard as lust and sin since it can deviate and confuse people from the right way to wrong. People with strong morale inside them often committed to their duties and hold on to the law and order strictly, so from my opinion, the devout Hindus will find an ease by recalling the “special place” of the morale in religion, thus they will have no time in giving their lust a chance to invade their inner selves.

On the side note: this is my own interpretation as to comply with an assignment of one of my History modules, “The State and Society in World Civilizations”.

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No question. It’s just that I’m always choosing the villains a.k.a antagonist characters as my favorite. And currently, my eyes are on these guys, Guderian and Isaak Fernand von Kämpfer a.k.a Isaac Butler a.k.a Panzer Magier of Rosenkreuz Orden, Trinity Blood. They’re really match well (haha).

The butler and the chauffeur

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Seems like I was left behind the bullet train huh? Well, not really. I just re-read it again since all the latest chapters of my favorite mangas are done, and I got nothing more to read since after that. So I decided to read again the (ani)manga ‘Trinity Blood’.

Just a quick (and maybe quite short) review from me regarding this story; it’s basically a Christian-genre since it has the elements of Christianity such as the nuns, priests, Rome, Vatican, pope, and so on, but as the story goes on, I started to realize that it is beyond the Christian itself; it has some great historical element and true events. To make it more clear, I’m gonna break it down to several scenes:

1) Vatican scene: a kingdom of terrans a.k.a human race and center for Catholic. The kingdom reluctants to coexist with the Methuselah a.k.a vampire race though some are compromising to live with them. I don’t wanna discuss the history in lengthy words, enough to say, remember the case of hundred years Crusade battle.

2) The New Human Empire scene: a kingdom of Methuselah that lives coexist with the terrans. This kingdom sets one rule; Methuselah and terrans should live together in just and peacefully and the kingdom is described as far more developed than the outside world including Vatican. This part, I hope everyone remember the history of the Muslim Empire in the past.

3) Albion scene: terrans and Methuselahs live together but still, it’s not a *real* coexistence. I couldn’t agree more when it’s depicted as United Kingdom today and for those who are not blind to see the real thing, they know what’s up in the mentioned kingdom.

4) Rosenkreuz Orden: a secret organization that plans to rule the world by crushing down the living creatures all over the world. They’re plotting every fights and battles between Methuselah and terrans. In the real world, this organization is popularly known as the ‘Illuminati’, an organization of antichrist whom carries the ideology of ‘New World Orders’.

The points that I’ve stated above are extracted exactly from the hints and clues that have been given in the manga. The story can only be understood as we follow up each chapter~and if we have a sufficient knowledge of history.

AX characters in Trinity Blood

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