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Against The World

The night breeze whistled soothingly and calmly. The weather was perfect with the full moon appeared in the sky, made it so refreshing and relaxing to everyone but a person. Somewhere on the beach, he has stood there tirelessly for an hour with his eyes kept gazing on the sea. He seemed pondering on something.

‘You lied to him!’.
‘Why do you want to wage a war with them??’
‘Despicable man! You’re a great liar!’

‘ Ah, pity young lady. What a timid personality. I’m so sorry for your broken trust’.

He smiled. A wicked smile.

“I’m here, my lord. I’m ready to bring off your orders”.

A man in a black suit with black, shoulder-length hair suddenly appeared and bowed to him in a way that the common people bow to their king.

“You’re arrived in time, Aslan. Good job”.

He turned around and approaching the man named Aslan. Just as he’s a meter away from Aslan, he stopped and stares at the man. Aslan bowed again in such a humble manner.

“What task do you want me to carry out, my lord?”

Upon hearing the question, he grinned widely.

“I’m glad to hear that. Aslan, as you’re just second to my position, I believe you have a credibility to lead and execute my orders. You’re my most trusted man. Now, you have to listen carefully to what I’m going to tell you”.

Aslan fell silent. He stood at ease and waiting for the orders to be given to him. His eyes were all darted to his lord.

“Hunt down Ilham and Balqis and kill them as they’re getting in our way. Whoever out there are trying to destroy our plan, show no mercy at all. That will be your first task”.

Aslan still quiet without saying anything.

“Your next task is to locate the AT-3X and find out its activation code. Together we’ll burn this world down and create the new one. This world, is no longer has a meaning”, he said with his grinning face staring up the night sky.

An evil smile slowly appeared on Aslan’s face.

‘Yes, my lord. The world now is too tired to handle all the burdens’

“As you wish, my lord. Leave the tasks to me”.

Aslan bowed and took his leave to start off his tasks.

“Do not disappoint me Aslan, do not disappoint me”.

Without looking at Aslan, he warned the man to not disappoint his expectation and plan.

Aslan stopped and turned around, facing him.

“I swear to not disappoint you, my lord. You and I have the same goal. If I fail you, I fail myself as well”

Aslan then disappeared through the darkness of the night. He smiled even widely.

“When the right time comes, you’ll be no longer of any use to me, Aslan”.

He left the beach and walk towards his car. His chauffeur has already waiting him inside the vehicle.

“Where will we be heading to, Mr Idham?”


And the night passed with a secret devilish plan implanted within it.

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