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Dear Full Moon, I’m Howling To You

It was the time of the month again. Deep in the jungle, there were a pack of wolves, running together, aiming for one and the same thing to all of them; a prey. A food for dinner. They were picking on each other in order to hunt it down. Suddenly…


The bigger-size wolf that led the pack was stopped and growling at something. The rest of the wolves seemed startled and began to howl.


They were howling one after another. Up in the sky, the moon was full and its soft light pouring upon the earth. In the middle of the noise, suddenly one of the wolves was fell apart. Blood spilt over the ground it collapsed and squirted on the face of an average-size wolf stood nearby.

The atmosphere began to dense and the strong pressure in the air can be felt. One by one, the wolves hit the ground in blood. The last wolf, the one that was shocked by blood of its fellow wolf, ran away from the place to save its life. On its way to escape to the mountain, something heavy was suddenly hit its head. It was so painful and the wolf could not hold any longer. It started to lose its consciousness…and the world turned into the darkness…

In a concrete cell, a young man sat quietly below the window installed with a safety grill. The full moon can be seen from his seat and he looked up to the moon with a deep stare. He sighed. His right palm was slowly rubbing his gray, scruffy long hair.

‘How long I’ve been in this cell?’

“Mister. Someone is going to fetch you up so be prepared. You’ll be free soon”.

He startled by the news he received from the officer. Someone? Did I hear it right? He turned his head and staring at the officer.

“Someone? Who?”

“He’s introduced himself as Aslan. He said he knew you well”


He started to recall every detail and name of the people he had met before and was hoping to find one, but to no avail. Aslan? Who is the man?

As he contemplated the unexpected event, he caught two men on conversation outside his cell.

“Here he is sir. You can fetch him now”

The officer led a man to his cell.

“Thank you”, and he bowed to the officer politely. The officer salutes him in return.

The man, Aslan, with a graceful motion, slowly approached the cell.

“You’re now a free man. Come with me. I need your assistance”

Without a question, he followed the man although he still could not comprehend the motive behind his release, the appearance of the man and the assistance he meant. Aslan never explained anything so far. He just walked ahead without saying anything. Once they were outside the building, Aslan stopped moving.

“Does the full moon remind you of something…Azul?”

He looked up to the sky serenely. Full moon. Yes, it was full moon. Azul, the now free-man, was also staring at the same thing. The past suddenly knocked his memory up. That one bloody night…family, friends, relatives, neighbors…the massacre…the blood…


Azul was suddenly shrieked out. Aslan watched Azul silently without any sign of startled by the Azul’s shriek. He was a very calm person.

Azul, on the other hand, was started to howl with his face gazing up the sky. His rage led to the reveals of his true identity; he was a werewolf.


‘What a sad young man. You’ll have your revenge soon, don’t worry’

Aslan put on his hat and smiled evilly.

‘Evil angels have fallen on earth’


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