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An Aggressive Battle Between Modernization And Culture/Belief

Reading through some articles that stated the modernization and culture/belief as their main topics has pulled me to convey my own opinion on the issue.

I have recently read an article on how a K-Pop entertainment successfully attracted a lot of people as well as gained an immense income from the concert; this is taken from the neighbor country’s media. It has invited mixed reactions from the citizens; some are agreed while others bashed it harshly, particularly from those with “cultural-” and “religious-” minded.

Firstly, I defined the term “modernization” as a revolution of a country and nation from the traditional lifestyle to the “updated” trends. It includes entertainment, art, technology, economy, culture, health, national policy and education. Through modernization, people get a chance to enhance and express their creativities and knowledges by inventing the new things for the earthlings’ usage everyday. We explore, we discover, we see, we hear the new inventions, consume them, become part of our everyday’s lives and we get use to them.

But not every new invention fits into a nation’s culture and religious tradition. Some are clearly forbidden and considered taboo to implement in certain nations’ administration system whereas in the liberal countries, there are some conservative people opposing the “over” modernization as they regard it as a threat to their cultures and beliefs. For the developed nations, these conservative nations and thinkers made themselves “underdeveloped” because they are strictly adhered to their cultures and beliefs instead of accepting the changes that swiftly swept the globe. These nations will not move forward and make a progression. This statement may has some truth to swallow because too many restrictions will cut off the progression of a nation. But people have to be reminded as well that they have to respect the cultures and beliefs of one’s nations since both of them are “precious” and the heritages that they may not want to see them diminish and vanish from the earth. They are trying hard to uphold their cultures and beliefs so that the young, modern generations will never neglect their roots as they move forward.

Yet people and nations with conservative mind have to reconsider their judgments and choices carefully. Too strict with the traditions will lagg them far behind those the developed ones. It is not a blasphemy to make a change and progress in order to modernize the nation because as part of the global citizens, it is “ugly” if one of the nations is left behind because of reluctant to change. So in brief, hold on to the cultures and beliefs or traditions in the other word, but never neglect the modernization because we do not want to lose the heritages as well as an opportunity to be part of the modern world.

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