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One Single Knowledge, Zillion Of Branches

I see how people use some and neglect some of the knowledges that we have learnt and studied, be it in college or we did on our own. Some may say “they do not have any relationship with each other” but I beg to differ.

I see the relationships between the fields of knowledge. The science has to do with our everyday lives, the things we consume as well as the biggest things that are used by the country. One example; the nuclear a.k.a nuke. Every usage of science stuff, especially the bigger one must have a limit, precaution and the “do’s and don’t’s”; which are set by law. The law is part of the country’s affairs and is always included in the international affairs conventions. That is why we always hear about the nuke or global warming being discussed in the international level meetings, and they are just two out of zillions of the global political issues. Well, in order to understand the politics, first we have to know how to deal with each individual who has involved in the issues. It requires a psychological knowledge to understand them. Next we move on to the society to see their lifestyles, beliefs, experiences, how they think and deal with the matters. Moving on, we have to look at their country’s income that came from the issues discussed, their investments with the neighbor countries, the economics stability and so on. Lastly, we may also want to have a look on the country’s geographical area and environment to see the logic of why they put the stuff in certain places.

Got the idea now? Those are only a few points and just an example. I am strongly believe that there are connections between the science (including engineering and technology), law, politics (including international relations and affairs), psychology, sociology (including health, history, philosophy, arts and religious matter), business administration (including economics), geography and environment. Unnoticeably, they are all related and make one single knowledge with a lot of branches.

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