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I Was There

I was there,
It was the year 2006,
When I walked into the room,
I saw those happy faces including you,
Talked and joked with everyone in the class,
You laughed heartily and with joy

I was there,
You were fooled around with the rest,
But I didn’t care at all,
Cause I knew you wouldn’t annoy me,
So I did my own work,
And you did your own business

I was there,
It was early 2007,
Three of us were in a tutorial class,
When both of you got a chance,
To ask about ‘durian’ and ‘rambutan’,
I was giggled,
To think that both of you were having the spacey tummies

I was there,
It was in mid-2007,
When everyone was cried,
They told me that you were gone,
You wouldn’t come back anymore,
I couldn’t believe what I heard,
I was hoped it was just a nightmare,
I wished you were there on that day,
Fooling around as you always did,
Laughing and telling a joke to everyone,
But soon I realized,
The truth knocked me hard on my head

I was there,
I saw those gloomy faces,
I saw the tears fell off their eyes and reeled down their cheeks,
As they saw your dying body descended into the ground,
All those memories came back to me,
And I knew,
They were not more than just the memories,
Because you had become part of them,
A picture that couldn’t be touched and talked to,
Because you were no longer exist in this mortal world

I was there,
To say ‘thank you’,
Because you have been there as my friend,
Even for just a short time

In the memories of:
Allahyarham Zulfadhli

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