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Just A Poem

Lost in our own feeling,
How can we not admit it?
It can be sweet;
On the other hand, it can be bitter;
But we still consume it,
Have we gone blind?
Have we not regretted of being hurt by?

You know,
My mind is still yet to lose all the memories of yours,
I could be wrong,
But I could be damned right,
Of logically assuming that you’re such a charming person,
To think that all of your body-languages,
Hold a secret sign that takes a thousand years to decode,
You’ve never said a word,
But your eyes, hands and lips did

For once and forever,
Couldn’t take anything for granted,
I might say that you’re holding something in your soul,
But a proof is that all we need

Hold not a secret in your loving soul,
For it won’t come back to thee once it leaves,
Precious comes once,
The twice it comes, it won’t be the same

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