How to read and understand a scientific paper: a guide for non-scientists

How to read and understand a scientific paper: a guide for non-scientists.


Untitled Poem

Fear of love,
Afraid of passion,
A hundred pains,
Of a thousand years of waiting,
Could it be you?
Or an illusion that deceived the soul?
A loyal heart,
Bears the hurt day by day,
An uncertainty is overwhelming,
The rain drops off the gray clouds,
A sign that it’ll soon turn into drought,
With no more thunderstorm shaking inside the soul

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Unholy Angel (Pt 2)

“You are not a human!” exclaimed the first, shoulder-length hair man whom now in his gargoyle-like form with a growling voice.

Floating in the mid air like a majestic phoenix rises from ashes, I look at him unshaken. I’ve been thinking all this time that I may have been destined to be a fearless creature. Fear not of everything. Even if the price is too high that will cost my own life.

“Who are you?” the bald man asked me. His sharp-like-needle pupil stare at me fiercely. Anger on his face, I can read it loud and clear.

I’m still silent. I’m too reluctant to speak. I hate people. I hate crowded. And for that reason, I hate talking to everyone. I just keep myself shut and ignore every question every person asked me.

“He seems reluctant to speak. Kill him, Azrak” the bald man is giving an order to one of his subordinates standing at his left, who used to be a flat-top hair, the tallest young man amongst them.

The man named Azrak is about to proceed when the first man told him to halt. The bald man is furious hearing the command. He turns to his fellow with a rage expression.

“How dare you to stop him, Gid’on??”. His voice sounds like a tiger groaning at its enemy. “That beast is a threat to us! He’s impure! He’s committing a sin!”. He pointed his finger at me.

“The beast may have some use to us, Modeshai”. The first man, Gid’on is trying to convince the bald fellow, Modeshai that I may have some benefit to them. A sense of tricky game is knocking my conscious mind. Are they trying to tear my life apart? Am I really a sinner? A murderer? Was it wrong to kill a man who tried to take my life away after what he has done to me? I still can’t remember who I am. But my instinct is telling me that I used to be a human. Yes, a human. But I remember none of the past.

“For what sake he has any use to us? Has God promised a sinner a mercy? Of any benefit to the believers?” Modeshai surfaced his protest against Gid’on. A rebellious creature like Modeshai cannot be tamed by a compromise. I see that in his wild, fiery pair of eyes.

My patience is at edge. I can be burst out anytime soon. Am I that worse that I can’t even have a mercy from The Creator? Do I not have a chance to repent? But…I want to know who I really am. Who is my real creator? I ought to find them; all about myself. And to reach my objective, I have to clear off these trashes. I won’t let anyone get in my way and ruins my plan. For that reason, I sharpen my claws and fly swiftly to Modeshai. In an instant, blood flows from the wound I’ve scratched at his left arm. He is bleeding profusely right now. Modeshai shrieking in pain that makes everyone turn their eyes to him and startled.

He stares at me without blinking and the wrath is poured all over his face. “God’s curse on you!!” he yelled at me. The whole place felt as if it’s going to crumble down at the second he yelled. With all his might, he flies speedily and is holding his acuate weapon on his right hand.

He rose his right arm, intended to cut me into pieces when I fly passed him and floating at his back side. Just in a second, I gave him another wound at his back. He roared like a thunder rumbling on the sky that the building seems shaking.

[To be continued]

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