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I See The Truth

I see the truth,
I see how the story goes,
I see the torture,
I see the fresh red blood,
I see the dying scenes,
I see people crying,
I see how the news are lying,
I see the predator,
I see the prey,
I see the thick gray cloud,
I see the bright explosive light in the sky,
I see the falling buildings,
I see the raging day,
I see the chaotic night,
I see the nightmare,
I see the division,
I see the separation,
I see the powerless innocents,
I see everything

But in the end,

I sense the glory of union,
When everyone understand,
When everyone crave for peace,
When everyone lend a hand,
When everyone realize,
Freedom is earned by every living soul,
On Earth,
In the universe

#pray4gaza #pray4palestine #pray4syria #pray4rohingya #pray4egypt #prayforgaza #prayforpalestine #prayforsyria #prayforrohingya #prayforegypt

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