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Club Registration for Freshers

ECA clubs registration for UBD freshies! (applicable to seniors as well, no worries)

Persatuan Mahasiswa Mahasiswi Universiti Brunei Darussalam (PMUBD)

Assalmu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh and good evening dear freshers,

Maybe you’re wondering how to register clubs in UBD?

1) Check updates and posts from clubs on PMUBD Facebook page for any club’s open registrations – wait for each club to post. the time and date they posts are varied.

2) You may register your name to the respective clubs ,

it can be (depends on each clubs) :

Ice breaking for each club

-Join Club’s Facebook group

-Inbox the club’s facebook 

-Email the clubs

-Comment of their posts

3) The clubs available are as per below:

Executive of Arts and Cultures

1- Korean Culture Club

2-—Sawaddee Club 

—3- Brunei Japan Friendship Association -UBD Club 

—4- Dance Culture Club

—5- Fonemic Club

6-— Performing Art Club

—7- KelabPendetaBahasa

—8- Choir Club 


—10- Art Club

Executive of Religious and Spirituality 

—1- UBD Muslim Youth Club


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2 responses to “Club Registration for Freshers

  1. KiD ⋅

    Tumpang tanya.. Club karate tu msh on kh? Can’t find their info. Where & when are the training?

    • shazran

      Sorry for the very late reply. Yes, karate tu masih on tapi inda tau pasal the detail. Better if you try approach the PMUBD itself and ask them regarding the karate

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