Unholy Angel (Pt 2)

“You are not a human!” exclaimed the first, shoulder-length hair man whom now in his gargoyle-like form with a growling voice.

Floating in the mid air like a majestic phoenix rises from ashes, I look at him unshaken. I’ve been thinking all this time that I may have been destined to be a fearless creature. Fear not of everything. Even if the price is too high that will cost my own life.

“Who are you?” the bald man asked me. His sharp-like-needle pupil stare at me fiercely. Anger on his face, I can read it loud and clear.

I’m still silent. I’m too reluctant to speak. I hate people. I hate crowded. And for that reason, I hate talking to everyone. I just keep myself shut and ignore every question every person asked me.

“He seems reluctant to speak. Kill him, Azrak” the bald man is giving an order to one of his subordinates standing at his left, who used to be a flat-top hair, the tallest young man amongst them.

The man named Azrak is about to proceed when the first man told him to halt. The bald man is furious hearing the command. He turns to his fellow with a rage expression.

“How dare you to stop him, Gid’on??”. His voice sounds like a tiger groaning at its enemy. “That beast is a threat to us! He’s impure! He’s committing a sin!”. He pointed his finger at me.

“The beast may have some use to us, Modeshai”. The first man, Gid’on is trying to convince the bald fellow, Modeshai that I may have some benefit to them. A sense of tricky game is knocking my conscious mind. Are they trying to tear my life apart? Am I really a sinner? A murderer? Was it wrong to kill a man who tried to take my life away after what he has done to me? I still can’t remember who I am. But my instinct is telling me that I used to be a human. Yes, a human. But I remember none of the past.

“For what sake he has any use to us? Has God promised a sinner a mercy? Of any benefit to the believers?” Modeshai surfaced his protest against Gid’on. A rebellious creature like Modeshai cannot be tamed by a compromise. I see that in his wild, fiery pair of eyes.

My patience is at edge. I can be burst out anytime soon. Am I that worse that I can’t even have a mercy from The Creator? Do I not have a chance to repent? But…I want to know who I really am. Who is my real creator? I ought to find them; all about myself. And to reach my objective, I have to clear off these trashes. I won’t let anyone get in my way and ruins my plan. For that reason, I sharpen my claws and fly swiftly to Modeshai. In an instant, blood flows from the wound I’ve scratched at his left arm. He is bleeding profusely right now. Modeshai shrieking in pain that makes everyone turn their eyes to him and startled.

He stares at me without blinking and the wrath is poured all over his face. “God’s curse on you!!” he yelled at me. The whole place felt as if it’s going to crumble down at the second he yelled. With all his might, he flies speedily and is holding his acuate weapon on his right hand.

He rose his right arm, intended to cut me into pieces when I fly passed him and floating at his back side. Just in a second, I gave him another wound at his back. He roared like a thunder rumbling on the sky that the building seems shaking.

[To be continued]

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Unholy Angel (Pt. 1)

“There must be a reason why I was made…why am I here and why am I living like none other”.

It’s the year 2045. I woke up from a nightmare that always haunts me every night. Was it a mere nightmare? Or a living memory that I couldn’t even managed to retrieve? I forgot who I am. I’ve lost. I don’t have any identity in present. I don’t even remember my name. Who am I? Why am I alive? What’s the purpose of living in this strange world?

“You’re awake huh? Having the same mind-game every night, haven’t you?”.

A grumpy old man with a round glass and white lab jacket. His hair has turned gray with a bald forehead. If it is a puzzle game, then I guess that he’s in his early 60’s. He seems working on something and I suddenly know where I am now. Not even a word comes out of my lips to answer his question.

“Well, lad. If you are reluctant to say so, I have nothing else to do except to put you back to your long, long sleep”.

I feel something as he spilled out those words. I feel my nerve is bursting at instant and the heat is rising at its best until it reaches my head. I can’t think consciously in the meantime. The burn in my soul is waiting to explode. I have to let it go out of me. Yes, I have to!

I don’t know what becomes of me. I have an uncontrollable strength and speed. My fingernails become claws all of sudden. I can’t feel my face but I can feel the fangs are growing out of my mouth. I don’t know how I currently look like but it seems enough to scare humans away. The old man looks startled with his mouth wide opened. I am no longer let him alive. In a second, his blood has covered up the floor of the small room where I’m in. I hate him. I despise him so much that I decided to take his life out of his body. I care not of what will turn up next. Why should I when I myself have nothing in me? I have no purpose of living so I fear not the death nor troubles.

I see a mirror nearby and I walk to it. Is this my true appearance? Is the human form only a deceiver? Or am I mutated? With those wide wings spreading at my back, I look like a gargoyle. But I’m not in any way similar to it. I feel like I’m a demon. A devil. An evil creature that pushing away the mankind, the light and the goodness. I’ve trapped in this coldness and darkness for so long that I’m no longer feel the warm of kindness inside my soul. Do I have a soul? Do I??

I have to escape for now, runaway from this place. I shattered the windows and fly off the air. I left the old fellow’s corpse behind without any intention to bring it to the graveyard and bury. I landed somehwere, far away from the place I’ve born or made and sleeping for over a hundred years, and change back to the human being. This new place has been deserted that I caught no one in my eyes. Has a calamity befallen upon this place that no one even survived it? Or did people leave before it has arrived? I wonder. And I wonder if I can find any sign of life in here.

A clinging sound can be heard in the near distance. I turn toward the direction of the sound and start looking for it. I barely see anyone there. Only a small piece of metal fell off the rooftop of an abandoned house and hit the cement floor. But…my instinct is saying something that I don’t want to believe in. I can now sense a strange movement lingering around me. My eyes are wandering wildly, seeking for an unknown figure to leap out infront of me. I’m exhaling harshly and ready to get my hands dirty with the spill of warm red liquid.

I’m not sure for how long when I realized someone showed up at the back, not that far from me. A tall man with a coal-black, shoulder-length hair and cyan eyes. Who the hell is this lad?

“You’re coming to a wrong place”, he told me. As he spoke out, the other strangers appeared after him. Four. And five including him, as I counted.

I never say anything. I just stand frozen and stare at them. I don’t feel like I want to talk to anyone. It’s not my nature unless I have to.

“Bloody hands. A killer. And a sinner. We don’t let such creature to stay here. The beast is unwelcome”. The tall, bald-head man with a mocking expression is trying to inflame my savage instinct. I can feel the heat in atmosphere is rising and hatred sights fall down upon me. I know, this won’t last long. There will be a great clash in any minute from now.

“I advise you to go anywhere but here. This is not a place for people like you”, added the first man arrived behind me. “Or we have to get rid of you if you are reluctant to leave this place”.

I see the sharp, double ax-like blades in their hands. As they proceed slowly, trying to approach me, I move backward a little bit. I’m calculating. I’m predicting and estimating how will they attack me. I’m ready to unleash my rage.

To my surprise, the strangers are appeared to be different from the humankind. They’re not human beings. One of them is changing to a form somewhat like a gargoyle and spreading his wings, just like mine. Are they similar to me? But if we are of the same kind, why are they trying to kill me? I have yet to figure that out. To find out who are they.

The bald man, whom now has changed, is flying towards my direction. He is wielding his blade in his hand. I exactly know what he’s going to do with it. I don’t have any other option except to transform myself to my another form. I fly off higher than them in a blink of an eye and I can see the reaction of disbelieve on their faces. Shocked and terror by my current form, as they never expected I’m not a real human, just like them.

[To be continued]