Rambut itu sama,
Kulit itu sama,
Pakaian itu sama,
Rumpun itu sama,
Mestikah hati dan akalnya juga sama?
Kenalkah kau akan Sayyidina Hamzah?
Dan adakah kau kenal siapa Abu Jahal?
Oh, sungguh,
Mereka berasal dari akar-umbi yang sama,
Tapi akal mereka,
Hati mereka,
Ada yang di syurga,
Dan ada pula yang di neraka,
Sama kah haluan mereka?
Itu satu noktah,
Dan satu ketentuan



Di balik kacamata usang itu,
Telah ternukilkan beribu cerita,
Sehingga terlayar jauh di minda,
“Cerita apa?” kau bertanya,
Cerita sang kehidupan,
Yang tak akan pernah berhenti,
Selagi nyawa dikandung badan,
Kecuali alam barzakh memanggil diri,
Itu saatnya cerita sang kehidupan terhenti,
Maka tinggallah si kacamata usang,
Berhabuk dan sepi

I See The Truth

I see the truth,
I see how the story goes,
I see the torture,
I see the fresh red blood,
I see the dying scenes,
I see people crying,
I see how the news are lying,
I see the predator,
I see the prey,
I see the thick gray cloud,
I see the bright explosive light in the sky,
I see the falling buildings,
I see the raging day,
I see the chaotic night,
I see the nightmare,
I see the division,
I see the separation,
I see the powerless innocents,
I see everything

But in the end,

I sense the glory of union,
When everyone understand,
When everyone crave for peace,
When everyone lend a hand,
When everyone realize,
Freedom is earned by every living soul,
On Earth,
In the universe

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Untitled Poem

Fear of love,
Afraid of passion,
A hundred pains,
Of a thousand years of waiting,
Could it be you?
Or an illusion that deceived the soul?
A loyal heart,
Bears the hurt day by day,
An uncertainty is overwhelming,
The rain drops off the gray clouds,
A sign that it’ll soon turn into drought,
With no more thunderstorm shaking inside the soul

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Just Another Poem

The scent of enchanted dying,
Humming sound of praying,
Standing in an ocean of humans on Friday noon,
Singing in a mass on Sunday morning,
Has the red wine stopped from spilling all over the place?
Have the vampires stopped sucking every drop of it?
Burnt to ashes,
The place where they’ve slept during the moon on top of their heads,
And astounded by the strike of the sun on their faces,
Was no longer called a place,
And they’re becoming the gypsies,
Hunting down by the vampires,
Who are desiring their red wines

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Just A Poem

Lost in our own feeling,
How can we not admit it?
It can be sweet;
On the other hand, it can be bitter;
But we still consume it,
Have we gone blind?
Have we not regretted of being hurt by?

You know,
My mind is still yet to lose all the memories of yours,
I could be wrong,
But I could be damned right,
Of logically assuming that you’re such a charming person,
To think that all of your body-languages,
Hold a secret sign that takes a thousand years to decode,
You’ve never said a word,
But your eyes, hands and lips did

For once and forever,
Couldn’t take anything for granted,
I might say that you’re holding something in your soul,
But a proof is that all we need

Hold not a secret in your loving soul,
For it won’t come back to thee once it leaves,
Precious comes once,
The twice it comes, it won’t be the same

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I Was There

I was there,
It was the year 2006,
When I walked into the room,
I saw those happy faces including you,
Talked and joked with everyone in the class,
You laughed heartily and with joy

I was there,
You were fooled around with the rest,
But I didn’t care at all,
Cause I knew you wouldn’t annoy me,
So I did my own work,
And you did your own business

I was there,
It was early 2007,
Three of us were in a tutorial class,
When both of you got a chance,
To ask about ‘durian’ and ‘rambutan’,
I was giggled,
To think that both of you were having the spacey tummies

I was there,
It was in mid-2007,
When everyone was cried,
They told me that you were gone,
You wouldn’t come back anymore,
I couldn’t believe what I heard,
I was hoped it was just a nightmare,
I wished you were there on that day,
Fooling around as you always did,
Laughing and telling a joke to everyone,
But soon I realized,
The truth knocked me hard on my head

I was there,
I saw those gloomy faces,
I saw the tears fell off their eyes and reeled down their cheeks,
As they saw your dying body descended into the ground,
All those memories came back to me,
And I knew,
They were not more than just the memories,
Because you had become part of them,
A picture that couldn’t be touched and talked to,
Because you were no longer exist in this mortal world

I was there,
To say ‘thank you’,
Because you have been there as my friend,
Even for just a short time

In the memories of:
Allahyarham Zulfadhli