Seems like I was left behind the bullet train huh? Well, not really. I just re-read it again since all the latest chapters of my favorite mangas are done, and I got nothing more to read since after that. So I decided to read again the (ani)manga ‘Trinity Blood’.

Just a quick (and maybe quite short) review from me regarding this story; it’s basically a Christian-genre since it has the elements of Christianity such as the nuns, priests, Rome, Vatican, pope, and so on, but as the story goes on, I started to realize that it is beyond the Christian itself; it has some great historical element and true events. To make it more clear, I’m gonna break it down to several scenes:

1) Vatican scene: a kingdom of terrans a.k.a human race and center for Catholic. The kingdom reluctants to coexist with the Methuselah a.k.a vampire race though some are compromising to live with them. I don’t wanna discuss the history in lengthy words, enough to say, remember the case of hundred years Crusade battle.

2) The New Human Empire scene: a kingdom of Methuselah that lives coexist with the terrans. This kingdom sets one rule; Methuselah and terrans should live together in just and peacefully and the kingdom is described as far more developed than the outside world including Vatican. This part, I hope everyone remember the history of the Muslim Empire in the past.

3) Albion scene: terrans and Methuselahs live together but still, it’s not a *real* coexistence. I couldn’t agree more when it’s depicted as United Kingdom today and for those who are not blind to see the real thing, they know what’s up in the mentioned kingdom.

4) Rosenkreuz Orden: a secret organization that plans to rule the world by crushing down the living creatures all over the world. They’re plotting every fights and battles between Methuselah and terrans. In the real world, this organization is popularly known as the ‘Illuminati’, an organization of antichrist whom carries the ideology of ‘New World Orders’.

The points that I’ve stated above are extracted exactly from the hints and clues that have been given in the manga. The story can only be understood as we follow up each chapter~and if we have a sufficient knowledge of history.

AX characters in Trinity Blood

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