Against The Will

‘They’re nothing but inferior creatures!’
‘They don’t deserve to live!’
‘Why should we coexist with them?!’

“You’re awake, Ilham”

Idham, the elder brother of Ilham, the first “lab-rat”, as well as the first-in-command of the Layl troop, interrupted Ilham.

“What do you want??”

With a fierce glance full of hatred, he saw Idham with a rage feeling deep inside him. His hands…were shaken and slowly folded them to form the fists. A flow of anger can be seen through his expression.

“You’re headstrong brother. Give it up now”, advised Idham.

Idham was relatively calm compared to Ilham, a hot-headed young man. He stood still outside Ilham’s all-glass confined room with his hands inside his gray, long jacket’s pockets, observing Ilham with his witty eyes.

“Why are you defending them that much?? You’re no longer a mere human as I am, as those tens! Idham, have you not understand, we are labelled as monters and despised by the humankind!!”

With a great furious, Ilham flipped the table with all his might, run towards Idham and struck, only to end up punching the glass that bounded up between him and Idham. His heart pounded up and down in an uncontrollable madness.

“Half of humankind despised us, leave the rest, Ilham. You have not met those who are generous to everyone yet. You put up a rash judgment upon the whole human race while you don’t have a single knowledge of every heart. I have to remind you, we’re all from the same race even if we’re no longer part of them”

Idham turned around, walking away from the room and heading towards the exit door.

“Be a considerable man, Ilham. Think again of what you’re trying to do. Otherwise, you’ll be doomed for the rest of your life”, urged Idham without stopping his steps and looking at Ilham.

Ilham lost his words. His eyes were trailing off Idham until the man disappeared behind the door. Ilham suddenly fell on his knees with his head lifted upward, staring the ceiling.

‘Why…is this thing happened to me??’


With that scream, Ilham’s consciousness faded away. Lying on the floor of his confined room, he was dreaming of his past that he will never forget for the rest of his life…he, who used to be a commander with the rank of captain in his squad, was no longer living as a normal human. After that incident, he and the other eleven men were becoming the test subjects of Achilles particles, one of the latest inventions in nanotechnology. He was mad at the tragedy but nothing he could do to stop it…


ps: this is my first time to write such thing

Inspired by ‘Trinity Blood’

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